Building Character becoming our focus in order to give positive personal value towards outbound participants. With this character building program, we hope participants can perform work or finish work obstacles in the company by applying good life quality value and can behave positively, open, confidently, and optimistically.


Team building program is an outbound program designed to develop teamwork, group awareness, and team performance through some task and special simulation so that there is a synergy to reach organizational success.


Outbound Company Gathering/Outing Program is an activitiy held by a company to strenghten and grow employees’ relationship. Company Gathering usually filled with fun outbound, and other entertaining activity, such as live music, tour trip, etc. Outbound games tend to be low impact, fun packed, and attracting as possible.

Outbound Course is a training system that is done outside of work environment. Fields, river, forest, and valleys surrounded by hills is the ideal location for this program.

The main purpose of this outbound course is to give realistic knowledge in developing self and interpersonal skill that includes leadership, communication, and problem solving. This kind of program helps to shape personality and help them menifest rules, purpose, and organization standard.

Outbound course offer a lot of benefits for organization and its company:

    1. Forming a bigger flexibility
    2. Helping someone to be more positive
    3. Forming a reliable individual
    4. Increase and simplify thinking process of the employees
    5. Helping employee in performing their best attitude.
    6. Help participants to realize their potential and talents


Trivi Adventure Camp have 3 choices of Outbound Course Program:

    1. Character Building
    2. Team Building
    3. Company Gathering Outing

Work with us and get ready to change!