The concept of team formation

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The concept of team formation

The concept of team formation found by Bruce Tackman, clearly illustrates the cycle of the early formation of the team until the project is completed.

Stage 1 - Forming

At this stage, the group just formed and given the task. Team members tend to work alone and despite having good intentions, but they do not know each other and can not trust. A lot of time spent on planning, gather information and get closer to each other.

outdoor jakarta team model
Stage 2 - Storming

At this stage the team started to develop ideas related to the task they face, They discussed such issues matter what they had to finish, how their respective functions and models of leadership as to what they can receive. Team members be open and confronting the ideas and perspectives of their respective. In some cases, this stage quickly completed. However, there are some teams who stalled at this stage. Storming stage is important for the development of a team. This stage can be painful for team members to avoid conflicts. Team members must have a tolerance for differences.

Stage 3 - Norming

There was agreement and consensus among the team members. Roles and responsibilities have been clearly. The team began to find harmony in line with the deal that they made about the rules and values ​​that are used. At this stage, team members can begin to trust each other as they look at the important contribution of each member to the team.

Stage 4 - Performing

the team at this stage can function in completing the work smoothly and effectively without any unnecessary conflict and external supervision. The team members are dependent on each other and their mutual respect in communication. Supervisor of this group is participatory. Even a lot of important decisions taken by the team.

The concept of team formation
Stage 4 - Adjourning dan Transforming

This is the last stage  which the project ended and the team disbanded. the team could come back at any stage when they undergo changes (transforming). For example if there is a review about goal or team members changes.

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